We design watches and jewelry


Gryaznov Design studio was established in St. Petersburg in 2010.

The creative director of our studio graduated from Strate College Designers (Paris, France) in 2008.  Vikenty Gryaznov was working as a freelance designer for watch and jewelry businesses til 2010.

In 2011, we worked jointly with Konstantin Chaykin. The result was presented on Basel World 2011. It was Lunokhod watch. That was the start of the Gryaznov design as independent studio.

Since 2010, we have implemented many projects for global companies, for private customers, and for micro brands that were successfully funded on Kickstarter.

We are working  with exclusive timepieces, modifying the existing models, brand new collection of watches, concept watches.

We are fascinated by the universe of possibilities.

We have talented team of professionals, who can understand your task or idea and can design a watch that is special, easy-to-use, necessary and beautiful.





Do you want to know more about us and how can we develop a project for you?

Send us an email to vikenty@gryaznovdesign.com for more information.

Lets become partners, friends, co-founders!