ECL-1 space watch

We wanted to make an affordable, but out-of-this-world watch.  We took simple ETA movement without date or any other complications and started to make a story around it.

We put it in the space. Outer space. It became round and simple without any detail, that you can find in normal watches.

No hands, no flat indices, nothing to recognize that it is made by human.

This piece is a crazy alien machine. The only clear thing you need to put it on your wrist.

In our idea we went so far, that we forgot that this watch has to be finally produced here on Earth. That is why we made a simple strap but with an alien skin mold.

To find the proper idea we started with RFP. The concept idea became interesting and possible.

While working we found interesting watch Seiko Think the Earth, that is very near with this form.

First we wanted to make interesting hands for minutes and hours. But the area of the hand did not allowed us to put as much of luminous material as we wanted. So we got this small semi-spheres.

To make the watch as crazy as we can, we made the bezel in cast iron.

Here is the possible color combinations.