We were so busy...

…and forgot to share our news with you.

We were not updating our web-site for a while. We were developing few projects that you will see on the market very soon. Working on different projects is a good training and it keeps your mind working 360 degrees. As you can see in our design portfolio we have watches from 200$ for a piece to 60K$. Our reason: we want to work with different customers, for different markets, to understand (feel) the trends on the market and be appropriate.

The watch doesn’t just have to be “amazing” or recognizable, you need to find your customers, you need to sell your watches. The way people react to a new watch depends on many factors. And emotions are the core reason. The positive reaction to the design is the key to the hearts. The second but not the last is the price, to make your customer closer to decision to buy your product.

Снимок экрана 2019-07-22 в 16.05.05.png

Isotope brand is very interesting brand to work with. We are very happy to help them creating their concept into life.

NURO watch

Few month ago we made a prototype for NURO watch project. The initial design was done by Anton Repponen in 2010 and was baptized at that time OZO watch. It was a sketch but we made it real.

We want to share with you some photos of this cool watch, because it won the "Best of the Best: Design Concept" Red Dot Design contest in 2010.

We hope that this watch will be crowdfunded soon. But now have a look at this piece.

Please visit Anton web-site for updates.


We are preparing a little redesign

We opened our web-site a year ago. It was very interesting and challenging period.
Every month hundreds of people are coming here and find something interesting for them.

We decided to make it more interesting. Besides we add some new projects, we are going to make some articles about watches design, how we sketch, find good ideas or making a prototype or CAD model.

Here is one of the projects we did for a client. The full story you can see here.

BaselWorld 2015

This year BaselWorld was very interesting. Have met with friends, suppliers and customers. I had a little time to make some photos of watches I really like.

I have met with Michael Dietrich. He has designed great piece. Bio-design that he used here, works perfectly. As you can see it fits even my small wrist. I was surprised with quality of this watch - very good. The only thing that I would change is the style of these screws. 

May be you have heard of a new brand that uses very famous name. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the name. Watches are brutal but not evil, as you expect.

Strange and cool watches. The straps are not suitable for this style.

Devon design proposition

Different design languages of famous Devon watches.
It's technology is so great that gives infinite possibilities of case development.

We do remember beatiful Devon GTX in 2010 with it's sweeping architectural surfaces, incredible door openings. We wanted to make a tribute to this stunning concept, that became a watch.

This is our design proposition. Here all the Time Belts are positioned parallel, like in the car engine. Two shutters (like in camera) are activated by the buttons on the top, and stopped on the bottom of the case. These are opening when you start to use the chronograph option. And close when you double click the bottom button.

From the back side there is a LCD light to have visual verification of time.


This design study is still in development. More to come.