We were so busy...

…and forgot to share our news with you.

We were not updating our web-site for a while. We were developing few projects that you will see on the market very soon. Working on different projects is a good training and it keeps your mind working 360 degrees. As you can see in our design portfolio we have watches from 200$ for a piece to 60K$. Our reason: we want to work with different customers, for different markets, to understand (feel) the trends on the market and be appropriate.

The watch doesn’t just have to be “amazing” or recognizable, you need to find your customers, you need to sell your watches. The way people react to a new watch depends on many factors. And emotions are the core reason. The positive reaction to the design is the key to the hearts. The second but not the last is the price, to make your customer closer to decision to buy your product.

Снимок экрана 2019-07-22 в 16.05.05.png

Isotope brand is very interesting brand to work with. We are very happy to help them creating their concept into life.