Contempus 2.0

Contempus is a brand from New York. This is their second attempt on KS. There are 2 basic models that differs by the size. Amfiteatro and Kupolo for ladies and gents respectively. The sizes are 36mm and 42mm.

IMG_0168_fin copy__f copy.jpg

The difference is not only in size but in the dial also. Here is the description.

The concept of this watch for men has the dial as you can see on the pictures below. Here is for men…


& for ladies like this.


We also designed black versions of this dials.

IMG_9777-3 copy_1500_fin copy.jpg
IMG_9796_fin_1500 copy.jpg

This collection was a challenge to develop, because it had to be connected with the first one. But we were asked to propose something new and more contemporary in details. We had inspiration from architecture and minimalist graphics from trendy UX\UI interfaces. We tried to stay more traditional in a way of forming the dial, but more crazy in reading time. This can be difficult at first. At the first stage of the development we proposed more than 10 proposals of the dials like on this picture.


But finally we decided to have applied indices.


The web site of Contempus is here. You can find cool pictures of this project.