BaselWorld 2015

This year BaselWorld was very interesting. Have met with friends, suppliers and customers. I had a little time to make some photos of watches I really like.

I have met with Michael Dietrich. He has designed great piece. Bio-design that he used here, works perfectly. As you can see it fits even my small wrist. I was surprised with quality of this watch - very good. The only thing that I would change is the style of these screws. 

May be you have heard of a new brand that uses very famous name. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the name. Watches are brutal but not evil, as you expect.

Strange and cool watches. The straps are not suitable for this style.

Living in the city

You can loose everything or get the world. For this world you need to have a proper watch.

This watch project is an example of our work-possibilities of R&D for mass-market. Using different materials not only in the case but in addition to it.

How it can work we will describe in the next post in September. Stay tuned.

GD team.

I was living in Paris for 5 years. And this city differs from Stockholm, Vienna, or London.

It has it’s own spirit. This watch is dedicated to Paris.
— Vikenty Gryaznov