Our services

We have 7-years experience in watch design & development.

Watch case design development

design from the sketch to 3D model (ready for production).

design a unique bespoke watches.

Conceptual design

design an advanced model for Your collection.

design a watch model that presents your brand (at the exhibition or a specialized industry market)

Consulting in style and design

rework the new language of the collection in jewellery or watch businesses. Find the best solution, present it.

Evolution development of the profile collection

design and develop men's & lady's models on the next step of brand or style evolution.

Adapting the case to the movement

develop the case for the required movement.

design functional beauty.

research and develop the idea of the movement in the watch design.

Design development of the watch collection

develop an entire watch collection.

- from mass-market to haute horlogerie.

- from a drawing to Solidworks model.


prototype the watch. Make only one example, just for You.

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